What happens if I Pick-Up an item and find something wrong with it upon set up?

Wet Inflatables
Our units are often set up outdoors. In the event of rain the inflatables will get wet. Sometimes inflatables get rolled up and packed while still wet, this means that when they are unpacked they may still be a little wet.
Also in the summer inflatables are often set up outdoors on humid days, often when the inflatables are rolled back up they may still be humid. If this is the case it may happen that when the inflatables are unrolled they may have a slight smell of water and humidity; when this happens inflatables are to be towel dried (if wet) and let to air out after 30 minutes the smell will subside, and inflatables will be good to go, with no smell. 

Non-Mint Condition
As our units are often set up outdoors on grass, in parks etc. it is possible for you to receive a unit that may be slightly unclean. We ask customers to leave our units in good condition, and clean them following use. But, we can never guarantee that a unit will be sparkling clean, we aim for you to receive your rentals in average condition. Unfortunately if you have ordered an item for pick up we are not present to clean the item for you, this is one of the reasons we recommend that you opt for delivery. Fiesta4Kids will not accept any complaints regarding unclean conditions of any unit if you do not give us a phone call when you find the item to be unclean, and if you do not provide us with pictures. We strongly advise you to call us if you open the jumping castle and find a problem. It is then up to the discretion of Fiesta4Kids staff whether or not you are entitled to a discount, or refund on your rental. 


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