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Bring the animal kingdom to your event with our captivating animal props, featuring everything from the adorable Baby Panda to the majestic Giraffe, plus a comprehensive Safari Bundle for a complete wildlife experience.

Professional delivery to Brampton, Ontario, Mississauga, Ontario, Vaughan, Ontario, Etobicoke, Ontario, North York, Ontario, Oakville, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us to be sure we service your area.

Transform your venue into a vibrant jungle or serene safari with our detailed animal props. Each piece, from the cuddly Baby Panda Prop to the elegant Flamingo Prop, is designed to add a touch of wildlife charm to your event. Young guests will marvel at the realism of the Baby Deer and Baby Elephant Props, while the Baby Lion and Zebra Props bring the excitement of the safari right to your doorstep. The towering Giraffe Prop stands as a centerpiece, creating a stunning visual impact and a perfect photo opportunity. For those looking to create a comprehensive animal-themed experience, our Safari Bundle offers a curated selection of props to immerse your guests fully in the adventure. Ideal for themed parties, educational events, or any occasion that calls for a walk on the wild side, our animal props are sure to captivate and enchant attendees of all ages.

Baby Deer Prop

Baby Deer Prop