Quarterback Blitz

Quarterback Blitz


Get that throwing arm ready, the Quarterback Blitz will have potential NFL quarterbacks lining up for their chance at a first down. This inflatable game allows one QB to look for an opening as he or she tries to complete a pass in their opponent's field. At the same time, the opponent is busy loading the QB's space with as many footballs as possible, making for frenzied, blitz-like plays! With its 3D footballs, a green turf "field" and large yellow-goal posts, this game will really put players on the field.


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Item Details

Size:  15'L x 16'W x 14'H

Power: 1 x 15 Amp circuit/ 110 V/ 1 Blower

Setup: Indoor/Outdoor


Occupancy: 2 players at the time




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