Hydro Blaster (4 Stations)

Hydro Blaster (4 Stations)


The Hydro Blasters is the one water based game you do not want to leave out from your event. This competitive based game will keep kids entertained and excited each time it is rented out! The game is played by crouching underneath the balloon chamber while you rush to pump air and allow water to simultaneously fill the balloon that hangs above your opponents head and pop it before they beat you to it. The Hydro Blaster is the new movement to the dunk tank experience without all the mass water usage and dumping

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Item Details:


Size:4'W x 3.5'L x 6'H

Power:water hose

Setup: Indoor/Outdoor

Occupancy: 4

Weight Capacity:

Recommended  Aged: 3 and up


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