Corporate Events

Whether your business is having a grand opening or your boss has asked you to organize the company retreat, putting together a corporate event is a big deal.

Corporate Events in the Toronto Area

You have to think about what the goals of the event are, who’s going to be coming and how many, what the layout is like and where your nearest power sources are, what time it’s going to be, whether or not there should be food, what people will likely be doing before and after…

In short, not only are there a lot of moving parts, but also a lot of stress involved, and most of the time the people trying to put these kinds of events together are doing so in addition to the responsibilities they already have in their regular jobs. Do it well and you can really impress your boss or convince more people to shop at your store. But if something goes wrong, it’s your head that’s going to be on the chopping block.

That’s why so many businesses in and around Toronto decide to use the experts at FiestaRentals rather than going it alone. We have more than a decade of party planning experience, and we know how to work with business clients to provide exactly the kind of atmosphere they want.

How Fiesta Rentals Can Take the Stress Out of Your Corporate Event

When you decide to work with FiestaRentals, you’re going to be getting an event planning partner who will work with you to make sure that the party you get matches your needs. Here are some things to think about before calling us.

What’s the big idea? There’s a big difference between holding a carnival for employees’ families, having a cocktail party, and planning a corporate retreat with team building exercises. Our experts can help you to plan any of these events, but if you aren’t sure what the tone or theme should be it’s going to be harder. Think about who’s coming and what the goals for the event are.

How much do you have to spend? Ideally, by the time you call us you will have already completed a preliminary budget and set aside money for things like food, entertainment, venue, invitations, and so on. Perhaps you won’t have to worry about some of these things, but it’s smart to list them all out and cross off the ones that don’t apply. Then you can divide the money in your budget between the ones that are left and have a pretty good idea how much you want to spend with us.

Where’s it being held? In order to narrow down what we’ll be able to rent you for your event, it’s important to know things like whether it’s inside or outside, what the size of the venue is, and what the power situation is like. Additionally, if you’re renting a space, you should ask the people running it what comes with or is tied into the rental. Some places require you to order food only from that location. Others will let you bring in outside food and still provide plates, napkins, utensils, and so on. Knowing these things can save you money and streamline our conversation.

Does the venue decorate? Really, this probably belongs under the last paragraph, but it’s such a big deal it seemed worth pulling out. Rarely, venues will actually provide decorations for people who rent out their space. If this is the case for your venue, you probably want more information about what they actually do to make sure that it will match your theme, as well as determining if you’re allowed to use outside decoration services if you want to add to what they’ve done.

Common Corporate Party Needs

Because there are so many different kinds of corporate events that businesses can plan, there’s no one single answer to what’s needed at a corporate event. But one thing that we can tell you based on our years of experience is what you’ll likely need once you know more clearly what you’re doing. Plus, there are staples that tend to be needed no matter what kind of party your business is throwing.

Staples for every party. Generally speaking, you’re going to want things like tables and chairs, PA systems, coffee urns or percolators, and chafing dishes if there’s food.

Outdoor events. When a corporate event is held outside, expect to order grills, tents, and generators in addition to the above.

Team building events. This is where things start to get more complicated. FiestaRentals offers a number of products that can be great for team building, but it depends largely on the location and budget. In the past we’ve had businesses ask for obstacle courses, inflatable Twister, Pit Stop Challenge, and more.

Grand openings. Much depends on whether you expect to have children at your grand opening and how much you want to spend. Many businesses get a red carpet and PA system, as well as grills to cook food for guests. Grand openings where kids are likely to attend have also had entertainers like face painters and people who make balloon animals, as well as things like popcorn and cotton candy machines.

Carnivals/family events. When businesses put together a family-oriented party for their employees, the sky’s the limit. Bouncy housescarnival games, and entertainers are common sites, as are food machinessports games, and more. The presence of kids almost demands that companies pull out all the stops to show them a good time, and the more fun the children have, the more their parent-employees appreciate it.

Elevate Your Event with Premier Party Rental Games in Toronto

Are you tired of mundane corporate events that lack excitement and creativity? Do you dream of hosting memorable gatherings that leave a lasting impression on your team and clients? Look no further! FIESTA RENTALS is your ultimate destination for elevating your corporate events to new heights. With our expertise in event planning, decor, entertainment, and more, we are here to turn your vision into reality. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace extraordinary celebrations that will leave everyone in awe!

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