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Claudia Rivas started Fiesta4Kids in 2002 to craft unforgettable events and parties of all kind. Since 2002 we have served families, companies and communities in Toronto and the GTA. 

Claudia will tell you that her passion for her career in party planning really began much earlier – way back when she was a child herself. At the age of 11, Rivas discovered her knack for entertaining others, and was almost always putting on a show for someone to make them smile!

Sometimes it was in a more formal setting like the school play, but just as often she was making people laugh and cheer by dancing, pretending to be some kind of fictional character, or engaging in some other kind of antics. Others recognized her natural talents as well, and by the time she turned 13, Rivas was already hosting parties for other kids. That’s where she discovered her true calling.

From that point on, it was a matter of honing her skills and learning new ones. She participated in festivals and other events. She gained experience in the business side of things as well as entertainment. And the more she put herself out there, the more people came to follow and depend on her for her unique talents. By the time she opened Fiesta4Kids, Claudia already had a loyal customer base, something that has only continued to grow over the years. 

Today Claudia Rivas she has more to offer people to make the party of their dreams a reality!

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Different Experiences Every Time

Fiesta events  is both an event planning company and a “party shop,” we provide you the unique position of being able to offer you everything that will capture your vision or inspirer ideas if you don’t know where to start!

When we plan out your events, it’s not an abstract exercise or a hopeful endeavor. We’re experts that have refined an essential roadmap where we’ll break down what we have available, your goals, your budget and how you can use it to perfect your event. 

We take pride in our robust selection. We have designed our team, services and products to meet the needs of any client and any type of event.

Just looking for something small and private like your child’s birthday party? No problem.

Putting on a large-scale event for the public? We’ve handled those, too.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us or  schedule a call to see how we can elevate your dreams!

Our Mission Create magical and unforgettable events for people by discovering what they really enjoyed and giving them exactly what they wanted.

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