3 Events That Are Better With A Photobooth

3 Events That Are Better With A Photobooth

3 Events That Are Better With A Photobooth

3 Events That Are Better With A Photobooth

Every host wants their special event to be filled with fun and remembered for a long time after the guests go home. That’s why hiring a photographer for these celebrations has become tradition, ensuring that the day doesn’t pass by without the key parts of the event being immortalized. However, more and more hosts are beginning to recognize the benefits of renting a photobooth as part of their events, whether or not a photographer is part of the day.

Not only does a photobooth drum up some fun, especially when interesting props are available to set the stage, but they also give everyone the opportunity to take their own individual or group photos at their leisure, and to take the memories home with them when they leave. And now, with some very cool new types of photobooths, you have even more options for fun and photos to suit the occasion. Even better, each of those photobooths offer instant prints and photos can be shared over social media with the touch of a button.

So what kind of events hire a photobooth?

Photobooths are perfect for…


Sure, the bride and groom make sure the photographer snaps shots of them, their bridal party, and their family, but why leave the rest of the guests out? Let everyone leave with some portrait shots of themselves all dressed up by renting a photobooth. Add some funny props and you’ll be listening to laughter all evening as the guests make merry for the camera.

Corporate Events

Encourage your businesses partners, colleagues, and clientele to smile and get to know each other better as they strike a pose for the photobooth. Make sure to set out some props with your company logo, and encourage social sharing of those photobooth shots to increase your presence on social media and make new connections.

Birthday Parties

Want more fun at the birthday celebration you’re planning? A photobooth is not only an easy way to snap shots of all your guests, but quickly becomes an exciting activity all on it’s own. If you really want to get the party started, a Graffiti Photobooth lets you have even more fun with your photos after they’ve been taken.

Street Festivals

If your school, church, or neighbourhood is planning a street festival, a photobooth can help to capture the excitement. Increase attendance at these grand events by sharing your photobooth shots straight to social media throughout the event, letting everyone know where the fun’s at.

Ready to hire a photobooth for your next event? Contact us and let’s get the party started. Happy celebrations, party people!

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