Virtual Reality Race Simulator - The Solo

Virtual Reality Race Simulator - The Solo


The Ultimate Driving Experience!  Take the wheel with our Virtual Reality Race Simulators, complete with real racing seats and steering wheels and experience a fully immersive racing experience. The simulator features a VR head set combined with high end gaming, giving you that authentic racetrack experience, while spectators can see what’s happening in real time on the large monitor.

Racing Simulators are a great addition for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Team Building and more. Our Virtual Reality Race Simulator can be combined with any of our other games to create a real buzz at your event.

To book our simulators, talk to our team today and we will help to plan your event.

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Item Details:
(5’x7’ Space)
1x 43” 4K TV
1x Oculus VR Headset
1x VR Computer
1x Real Racing Seat, Steering and Pedals
Padded Flooring
4x Stanchions
1x Professional Operator
1x Backdrop
4 Hours of Service
Total Cost: $849.99 + taxes (Delivery Additional) 


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