Virtual Reality Race Simulator Multiplayer

Virtual Reality Race Simulator Multiplayer


The Ultimate Driving Experience!  Take the wheel with our Virtual Reality Race Simulators, complete with real racing seats and steering wheels and experience a fully immersive racing experience. The simulator features a VR head set combined with high end gaming, giving you that authentic racetrack experience, while spectators can see what’s happening in real time on the large monitor.

Racing Simulators are a great addition for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Team Building and more. Our Virtual Reality Race Simulator can be combined with any of our other games to create a real buzz at your event.

To book our simulators, talk to our team today and we will help to plan your event.

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(7’x10’ Space)
2x 43” 4K TV
1x Oculus VR Headset
1x VR Computer
2x Real Racing Seat, Steering and Pedals
Padded Flooring
6x Stanchions
1x Professional Operator
1x Backdrop
4 Hours of Service
Total Cost: $1499.99 + taxes (Delivery Additional) 


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