Jady Balloon Twister

Jady Balloon Twister

JADY BALLOON TWISTER is a young, talented, up and coming balloon artist. She has stunned her audiences with her beautiful balloon creations and her ability to design on the fly! From simple balloon toys and dolls to intricate sculptures, JADY BALLOON TWISTER has the skill and professionalism to entertain the crowd an put a smile on every child's face. From corporate events to birthday theme parties to learning parties for bigger kids who want to learn how to balloon twist….JADY BALLOON TWISTER is the entertainer of choice.

JADY BALLOON TWISTER is one of the youngest balloon twisters in the circuit. At 11 years old, she has achieved remarkable success and has performed at many corporate events, community fundraisers, art shows, birthday parties and family gatherings. With an amazing work ethic and self-motivation, JADY is continually improving her skills and achieving new creative heights.   Naturally artistic and with reflexes like a cat, balloon twisting came naturally to her. She now is at a level, where she creates her own original designs and critiques other balloon twisters techniques. The kids love her because she is a kid and the parents love her because she is a great role model for their children. Book JADY BALLOON TWISTER today!


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