FAB 4 Packages

FAB 4 Packages

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Our Fabulous FAB 4 packages are a must have for any event, whether it’s an indoor, outdoor or a small, large space, there is something fun for all ages. Rent any 4 items from the FAB 4 list, and add it along with either FAB 4 Bronze, Silver, or Gold for an amazing value. These packages are perfect for events with inflatable restrictions.

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Item Details:

FAB 4 Bronze
Any 4 items from Fab 4
Plus 3 from Bronze

FAB 4 Silver
Any 4 items from Fab 4
Any 3 items from Bronze
Plus 2 from Silver

FAB 4 Gold
Any 4 items from Fab 4
Any 3 items from Bronze
Any 2 items from Silver
Plus 1 from Gold

Add 2 items from bonus list, along with Bronze, Silver or Gold for:

Prices are based on a 4 Hour Rental
Delivery and Taxes are Additional
Can’t be combined with any other offers or specials.


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