Fiesta4Kids is excited to present new arrivals for 2020. Take a look at our new inflatable amusements, bouncy castles, multi play games, inflatable obstacle courses and interactive games. Entertain guests with a round on a mini golf course or amuse your party with a carnival theme complete with games, balloons and face paint. Make your event unforgettable with fun games, foam parties, bubbles from a bubble machine and carnival themed attractions, whether you delight your guest with red carpet treatment, make them dance the time away with sound equipment, friendly competition with games or need the basic party essentials like chairs and table, Fiesta4Kids will help with corporate events, parties, festival and school's fun fair.

Beat The Bucket is the world's first "Dunkee Defendable" dunk tank. The only game allowing a player the opportunity to control their fate; provided they have the reaction time and skill to do so. A single player stands behind the station and with the aid of a blocking arm, can defend the two targets from being hit. A second player throws the ball  while trying to hit the 2 targets. If the player using the blocker can act quickly enough, they can stop the ball from hitting the target. However, should the ball happen to strike a target, a cool, refreshing bucket of water is dumped from above. The bucket then automatically resets and fills with water, ready for the next defender. Fun, Safe, & Simple. Absolutely the best Dunk Tank Alternative. It uses much less water!
Speed, accuracy, and head-to-head competition make this high energy game a true winner. Hold a tournament and see who has the fastest hands in town with the most incredibly addicting games on the market. This game is sure to draw a crowd at any type event or venue.  
The Vault is an interactive single player game with adjustable difficulty levels from easy to impossible. Just select the difficulty level and start the game. The object is to press he handheld button as the lights go around trying to stop the lights on the red to open the Vault. It sounds easy but there are several of them to hit in 30 seconds. This is a great game for carnivals, trade show booths, company parties or adult birthday parties to entertain your guests. This game is good for kids, teens, and adults and comes complete with a skirted table ready to play
This Chic blue and white ball pit  will be perfect for your themed event! Ideal for many themes such as: Ocean/Underwater/Sky/Baby Shark/Marine and many more. The little ones will love submerging and playing with the balls  in this large ball pit. Perfect to keep toddlers entertained  in a safe and secure environment.
This classic carnival game tests your skill and a whole lot of luck. Toss the wiffle ball and try to land on one of the colored spots if you do, you win the prize. If you don't, the ball drops through the hole and you have to try again !!  
This Soft Play Package mixes pastel colors with a chic design and elegant finishes to deliver an appealing toddler playground for the little ones! They will love submerging in the ball pit, which has over 3000 balls for them to enjoy. The carousel is made completely of soft material which makes it baby proof, it has automatic motion and sits 5 kids at a time. The additional soft play obstacles, bouncy animals and mini car will complete this elegant playground for endless fun! This package includes fences and wood-like look mats which makes these playgrounds a safe and fun environment.
Kid Ride on Cars are perfect for any car theme party for children. Kids can race with friends and will enjoy the opportunity to explore driving and having a great experience with realistic like looking cars, whether its in a venue or outdoors.
You can never go wrong with this Classic carnival game!  Guests take aim and toss bean bags to pop balloons and win a prize.Very easy to replace the balloons after being popped!  Great for carnival theme parties, school fun fairs, trade shows and corporate events. kids, teens and adults will enjoy this timeless game.
Create an elegant look at your event with our black and gold popcorn machine with cart. This classic old fashion popcorn machine will be a fantastic addition to any vintage theme party or wedding. Everybody will love the warm and delicious popcorn it makes. Both the machine and cart included, along with 100 servings. Price listed are for a hire periods of 4 hours.
This Fabulous Popcorn Wagon will add an authentic carnival feel to your event. Whether it's a Birthday party or a large corporate event, we can provide with this elegant wagon that will give you the real carnival feel to your occasion. The smell of fresh popcorn will attract anyone at the party.
The blue and white colours give this package a Heavenly look! If you are having a water related themed party this package will complement and add a stylish touch to your event!  The huge ball pit with over 3000 balls will be the highlight of your party! The roundabout is made of soft material which makes this classic playground game safe and even more fun. It also includes soft play pieces such as an arch, dices, bouncy animals, mini car and more, to deliver tons of fun throughout the party. The fences and water-like mats will give you the impression of truly being in the water and creating a wow factor for your special occasion.
This Photo Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. This photo booth offer a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance animations. With plenty of features, it is our most complete Photo booth. Features: Circular RGBW LED Light  Hardware branding Superb Photo Quality  Customized animations
Make a big splash at your next event with the Wave Slide. This 19’ high slide will be fast  fun and an all-around great time for children or adults. Perfect backyard parties or any water theme event. 
Your visit to Santa’s Workshop is here! Enter the exclusive place where Santa and his elves work tirelessly year-round to produce all the toys and gifts to be delivered on Christmas Day! As you enter the Workshop, walk down the red path until you get to the radiant Nutcrackers where Santa will be waiting to hear what you want for Christmas on his magnificent Red Throne! Package is perfect for Holiday events, Corporate Christmas parties, Mall Display, Private functions, Store Display & Much more. We carry this ensemble in two versions, Grande and Petite to accommodate to your space and budget! Bring joy to all your guests with the stunning decor pieces and unique style!  
Similar to the "TouchDown Equalizer" This interactive football inflatable, pits challengers against one another in a 4 person competition, using strength, competitors must run in opposite directions and cover as much distance as possible while pulling a bungee cord attached to one another's vest, competitors will run forward while springing their competitor backwards. A thrilling multiplayer inflatable challenge, twice as much fun, great for corporate functions, team building, friendly competition, exciting entertainment for parties, festivals and fun fairs. The 4-Man Equalizer will bring the spirit of competition of football and make your event a touchdown!
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This interactive football inflatable, pits challengers against one another, using strength, competitors must run in opposite directions and cover as much distance as possible while pulling a bungee cord attached to one another's vest, competitors will run forward while springing their competitor backwards. A thrilling inflatable challenge, great for corporate functions and exciting entertainment for parties, festivals and fun fairs. The Touch Down Equalizer will bring the spirit of competition of football and make your event a touchdown!
Archery game is an amazing action-pack interactive game that will be a hit. This safe and challenging game is great choice for birthday parties, team building, bachelor parties or any special event. Players try to knock off floating balls in midair with foam tipped safe arrows. The ultimate experience that will engages everyone.
This elegant ball pit will be perfect for your jungle/forest theme! The vibrant color palette will make the little ones feel lost in the forest!  They will love  submerging and playing with the balls while running away from wild animals.  This large ball pit is ideal to keep toddlers entertained  in a safe and secure environment.
The Run slide is a one of a kind double obstacle with double slides. Perfect for school fun fair, street festivals and will be sure to draw a crowd. A great way for friends and family to challenge each other one on one to the finish. No matter if you're an adult or a kid you will have pure fun!
Combine two exciting inflatable obstacle courses by joining them together to gave you the ultimate challenge with the EXtreme Fun & Warrior Jump Combo. This massive obstacle will be pure unforgettable fun for any event. Players will start with the EXtreme fun by racing each other thru and dodging obstacles and then making their way to the EXtreme Warrior Jump by jumping from platform to platform to the finish. This is the perfect for all ages.
Our interactive Animal Bumper Rides, will keep children entertained with its colourful flashing LED lights. These fun, interactive, musical rides are a great way for little ones to develop their hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills and imagination skills, all within a fun and safe environment. Animal Bumper rides will make playtime a happy paradise for children.  
A classic children’s game! Kids will have fun spinning around and trying to pin the tail on the donkey.
If you are looking for a WOW factor for your next event, then look no further than the Army Challenge. Race your friends through this military style obstacles, then up and down the climbing walls to the top of the slide and back through more obstacles to the finish. The Army Challenge is the ultimate Team Building activity and enjoyable for any type of school events.
The Radical Run Obstacle is the ultimate inflatable challenge for all ages. This 95-foot impressive obstacle is packed with climbing walls, crawl through obstacles and up and over slides that everyone will enjoy racing through. Perfect for larger events, such as school fun fairs, street parties, graduation parties, team building or any special occasion for great entertainment.
The Unicorn Bouncy Castle is truly an impressive inflatable with its beautiful vibrant colours. Children will love jumping and sliding down this bright colourful castle. This unique castle is deal for little ones, with a large open entry and a visible jumping area for safe fun. Perfect for indoor events, where children can jump for hours inside.
These simply white canopy pop up tents are easy and fast to set up. Perfect for almost any kind of event or for shelter.
Frog Frenzy Game is a fun interactive game specifically design for children. This Light up amusement musical game will be exciting for kids test their speed against a frog frenzy! Great for all event types and a perfect addition to our soft play packages.
The Extreme Fun will be the ultimate fun experience at any event or party. It is a dual lane obstacle course with bold bright colours that will attract attention. This obstacle course packs 60 feet of fun in a small foot print by having players enter and finish from the same side. Players will be trilled racing each other thru and dodging obstacles then making a turn back, then climbing up and down the slide to the finish.   ***And if you think the challenge isn’t tough enough already, this inflatable ride can attach to the EXtreme Jump to create one big and unforgettable experience. ***  
The Giant Inflatable Dart Board is an old classic dart board game that is great for any social event or occasion. Players of all ages will enjoy trying out their skills to try and hit the bulls eye target. This game is an absolute must have for any school fun fair, family fun day, university event or fundraiser event.
Double the fun with our life size inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe game on the front side and Connect 4 on the other side. Players can play both games the traditional way or turn it into a race, with players racing to the board. The best part is both games can be played at the same time! Great for small indoor or outdoor spaces. 
The EXtreme Warrior Jump is an exciting inflatable for everyone who wants a little extreme fun! You jump from platform to platform trying to keep your balance, so you don't fall. Each platform varies in height which makes it more challenging and fun. Each Platform can also be set to a different firmness based on the age of the participants by making it easier or harder to complete.   ***And if you really want to challenge your skills, add the EXtreme Fun which gives an additional 29'L x 16'W x 16'H feet attachment of pure fun. ***
This classic Sport Arena Bouncy Castle design is always a favorite for parties. Weather, you are having a sport theme party, school fun fair or a backyard party children will have great fun jumping up and down.
The Demolition Obstacle is certainly one of the most challenging courses you will come across. This course is almost 73 feet in length. It has two lanes with some of the best crawl through obstacles, squeeze tubes, with climbing walls and slides to race your friends. The Demolition Obstacle course is perfect for any event from school fun fairs, corporate events and team building.
It’s Carnival Time! Our Carnival Bouncy Castle is a wonderful addition to a carnival theme event. With this bouncy castle, you can be sure that you have something unique that children of all ages will love. This fits perfect with any festive theme and is a great addition along with our classic carnival games.
This fun ring toss game is a great game that kids will love. Try out your best throwing skills and see if you can get rings on the hook. A classic game for a carnival theme event.
Our Retro Mirror Photo Booth will create a unique touch, which will add the “wow” factor to any occasion. Adding the Retro Mirror Photo Booth will bring heaps of laughter and memories to your event and your guests will love it too! If you are creating your perfect wedding/event, surely it deserves our gorgeous elegant vintage photo booth.
Our Giant Lego is suitable for any age group and great for any occasion. Children will be entertained for long periods with these colourful, safe, and durable Lego blocks. It’s also a great way to help with a child's physical and educational development. Even adults will love them and are ideal for group activities and for team building exercises.
Our New, Exciting and Innovated Sandbox is here.  Children will immerse themselves in the sand and be amazed by how the sand works.  The sand is easy to handle and can create wonderful shapes and designs.  Fun and entertaining for all types of events.  Indoor or outdoor the sandbox is a great way to let your kid’s imagination run wild. The sand is a unique, environmentally safe, and effortless to work with.  A cool way to add enjoyment to your next event.
Add the "WOW" factor to your Hawaiian luau or tropical island theme party with our Surf Luau Chairs. Great for taking pictures on or for adding a splash of colour at your event.
The beautiful modern Clear Chiavari chairs fits with any colour theme in any setting. Add style to your wedding, function or eventwith these popular elegant chairs. Includes white seat padding.
The Rainbow Package is one of our most popular soft play packages. The vibrant colours of this package will trigger children’s imaginations and build their self-confidence. Children will love the colourful and fun soft play shapes to build with, climb over and play on in this package. Soft play is not only great fun but for skills like balance and co-ordination. The Rainbow Package is a great asset at any event, where children can play & be entertained.
Add our Rustic Stanchion Ropes to create a unique touch at any event. Our Rustic ropes are wonderful with a vintage theme.  
Our 4 Player Joust is a fantastic and classic game that children and adults alike will love to play. This is a challenging balancing game as four players try to knock your opponents off their podiums. Guaranteed that this crowd pleaser will see people gather around to watch individuals take their stand to become the ultimate gladiator winner.
Experience the glitz and glamour with your own Hollywood theme party. Have your guest feeling like superstars when they walk in, on the red carpet. Add the “WOW’ factor to your Hollywood, movie or an award theme party.
Add our Gold Stanchions and create a luxurious look at your event.  
Giant Connect 4 for Kids, and the Kid inside all of us. Connect Four in a row to be the Champ of this simple, yet addictive game. This ever popular Mini Version now available in the Giant Form. Great for Corporate Events, Kids Parties, Holiday Events, School Fairs, and Street Parties. Can be set up almost anywhere! 
First to burst - BOOM! The first one to pop their balloon is the winner! 4 contestants play at once and pump as fast as they can to pop their balloon.   A fun and interactive game for all ages. Great for team building, school events, or carnival theme events. Sure to be a BLAST!
Giant Plinko is the classic carnival game for any event.  Plinko is a fun game that is virtually impossible to predict where the chips will land.  A creative and exciting way to giveaway prizes! It’s also great for carnival theme events, corporate events and Jack & Jill events.
Strikkkkeee! Spin the pins to win! Test your bowling skills by trying to flip all seven pins with only 3 tries. A great game for all ages. 
Streetskee is a fun and classic game. Roll the balls and see who lands the highest score.  The perfect carnival Game for fundraiser, school, or even carnival themed parties and small events.
Children of all ages will love to take part and swing the mallet to strike the pin and test their strenght.  A wonderful addition to a Circus Theme Event, school carnival or fundrasisers. 
Tiki Bar + Foam Machine + Luau Bouncer + Sno Kone Machine with 50 Servings.
Test your skills on the ultimate fun and challening Snake Pit game. Stir the ball down the raceway without falling off into the "Snake Pit" and into the target holes with the highest score.  This is one of the most challening games you will play, even adluts will find themselves playing over and over again.  
$250.00 - $350.00   Strike the lever and ring the bell if you can. A timeless game to test your strength and skill. It takes more than strength to ring this bell. Our Hi-Striker is available in 10 or 14 feet tall and is a great challenge for the older children and adults.    
What better way to serve drinks to your guest than from our Tiki Bar. Tiki Bar is a perfect addition to any fun outdoor event, adding an element of freshness to the bar area.
The Ultimate Driving Experience!  Take the wheel with our Virtual Reality Race Simulators, complete with real racing seats and steering wheels and experience a fully immersive racing experience. The simulator features a VR head set combined with high end gaming, giving you that authentic racetrack experience, while spectators can see what’s happening in real time on the large monitor. Racing Simulators are a great addition for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Team Building and more. Our Virtual Reality Race Simulator can be combined with any of our other games to create a real buzz at your event. To book our simulators, talk to our team today and we will help to plan your event.
Our red and white striped Carnival Tents are a great way to add a authentic carnival feel to your next event. Add a fun food machine or carnival games to complete the perfect carnival look. A must have for any carnival themed event.  
This comprehensive package includes some of the best soft play we have to offer, providing for up to 14 children. We have created a fun, beautiful and colorful play area that will stimulate your child's imagination. They will love the sounds of the interactive soft play musical keyboard. It also includes a pair of vibrant and colourful bouncy animals, a ball pit and more that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. Little ones can be interactive in an enjoyable way – while playing, crawling under a tunnel, climbing up and down, all within a fun and safe environment.
Adventure Package is a larger soft play package that little ones will enjoy. We have created a package with safe and colourful vibrant toys and equipment to keep toddlers entertained. They will have so much fun burying themselves in the elevated ball pit. It includes soft play cubes, a soft play ball pit, climbing wall, slide and more, for approximately 1-10 kids!
Our Candy Package is perfect to keep little ones amused while having fun. The Candy Package doesn’t require a large space, and it would be great whether it’s in your living room, class room or a banquet room. This is enough for a party of 1-6 children and includes an exciting collection of amazing toys and soft play equipment. The little ones will be sure to have tons of fun, whether they are rocking back and forth on the rocking animals or crawling over the colourful bridge.
The Winterland Set is absolutely the best package required to create the perfect festive day. No Holiday event would be complete without our gorgeous Red Throne Chair at the centre of it all. The stunning scenic snowy scene backdrop will bring nothing but smiles to everyone and enhance your winter wonderland experience. Of, course we have also included two beautiful displays, such as the Nutcracker and the Reindeer to add a special touch to your holiday event.
Deck the halls! Our Christmas Gift set is a wonderful package if you are looking to hold an extra special holiday event. This package has been put together with some of our most popular holiday items. Everyone will love the Christmas Gift Backdrop that features a gorgeous red fireplace decorated with a Christmas wreath and surrounded by colourful Christmas presents.  We have also included a Toy Soldier that will be sure to impress and wow your guests. Of course no Christmas display would be complete without a Santa Throne for Santa to sit on. The combination of all these wonderful items would be great for all types of photography and making it the highlight of your event.
Bring the feel of a winter wonderland experience indoors. Taking pictures on a stunning detailed Santa Throne with an Outdoor Holiday backdrop in the background and an adorable reindeer display is the perfect scene for Holiday cards, family or corporate photos.
Beautiful wine barrel to create the best style for any theme party. Can be used for decor or as a high table.
This wonderful 6 Foot Nutcracker is ideal for any holiday themed event and perfect for completing the look of your event. Whether used as a standalone item or with our Santa Throne or as part of our Christmas package, it is sure to attract your guest’s attention and be a wonderful conversation piece.
Just what you need for your special event! Peak Tents are elegant and can be used as catering tents, wedding reception tents, cocktail tents, ceremony tents or for any special occasion.  
The Ultimate Driving Experience!  Take the wheel with our Virtual Reality Race Simulators, complete with real racing seats and steering wheels and experience a fully immersive racing experience. The simulator features a VR head set combined with high end gaming, giving you that authentic racetrack experience, while spectators can see what’s happening in real time on the large monitor. Racing Simulators are a great addition for Corporate Events, Product Launches, Trade Shows, Team Building and more. Our Virtual Reality Race Simulator can be combined with any of our other games to create a real buzz at your event. To book our simulators, talk to our team today and we will help to plan your event.
This beautiful design plush red velvet and gold leafing frame throne chair is ideal for almost any event. The perfect throne for any holiday theme party and a throne fit for Santa himself. Our Throne chair is also fantastic addition to a themed event, whether it is a Fairy-tale, Alice, or Medieval themed event or a special occasion such as a sweet sixteen, bachelor party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s or any special occasion. There is no doubt about it that your guests will feel like Kings and Queens.     
This fantastic inflatable game allows two players to target zombies with a stream of foam balls. Aim and Fire, shoot as many balls through the target holes. The player with the most balls in the bottom score tray wins! Perfect for corporate events, festivals, schools and parties. This is a wonderful and exciting game for all ages to interactive with each other.
All Aboard the Fiesta Express! Introducing our brand new train. The GTA’s most fun train. If fun is what you are looking for, take the Fiesta Express and see what you've been missing. The Fiesta Express can be on route to your next indoor or outdoor event and will sure to make your event an entertaining ride to remember. Fiesta Express Train – The Fun Train!
Our new impressive Mirror Photo booth will make your event one to remember. This fun photo booth communicates with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations, entertaining voice guidance and has a cool user-friendly interface that everyone will sure enjoy.  It includes a special feature that allows you to sign a message or your name using the touch screen and will print out your memorable photo instantly. The Mirror Photo Booth can also be customized with a number of enhanced options that would perfectly suit your upcoming event. This is the perfect photo booth for any event setting.
The Race Car, one of our newest and most popular games. It’s the perfect amusement ride for small children. It has innovative features such as its interactive control system and life like driving motion leaving you wanting more. As well as its unique way to engage kids in learning languages such as English and Chinese electronically while enjoying themselves. You get the full experience on its 19” LCD screen and fun art work that leaves children captivated and entertained. 
Our new Graffiti Photo Booth is sure to spice up your event with plenty of excitement. We are pleased to bring you the latest innovative and interactive photo entertainment technology. The Graffiti Photo Booth allows guest to interact with their photos in a fun and creative way and to customize their photos for a more personal experience using their fingers on a multi touch screen. Whether it’s a large corporate or a small private event we can personalize and customize the entire experience to leave guest with a great photo memory.  
top table games
Our new elegant foosball table will have you playing and feeling like a pro. Either two people can play against each other and go head to head or two teams of two can in this skills competition game. Set up a match and have your guests compete to see who comes out on top and wins on this miniature European soccer style game, navigating the ball between their players that slide side to side on rails until finding that sweet spot to slapping in goal. Everyone will be sure to have tons of fun, making this interactive foosball table a thrilling rental.
Submarine is a unique and interactive children’s arcade game. The game encompasses rich content, screen, sub, magnificent cabinet design and various lighting effects that capture the attention of children, giving them a memorable experience.
The Pony Ride, one of our newest and most popular games. With its innovative features such as its interactive control system and life like rocking motion leaving you wanting more. The cabinet design uses a variety of lighting effects, which will amaze everyone. As well as its unique way to engage kids in learning languages such as English and Chinese electronically while enjoying themselves. You get the full experience on its 19” LCD screen and fun art work that leaves children captivated and entertained.
top table games
More competition equals more fun! This large multiplayer foosball table is specially designed for two teams of three players to go head to head. Have six of your friends or family set up challenging match and have them compete to see who comes out on top and wins. Get ready for a scoring frenzy at your next event.
             30”D x 30”H or 42”H                                                             Our round cruiser tables are perfect for cocktail parties, weddings, small social gatherings and pool parties. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors these tables will be a wonderful add-on to any event.