Slides and Obstacles are great for large events. If you have a big area to set up and want to supersize your parties fun then you should get an inflatable obstacle course or slide. The obstacle courses come in different themes and size. These inflatable unit can be used for competitive activities or just athletic fun!  There are many different configurations with multiple activities to take-on.  Get ready to run, jump, swing, slide, and navigate through various pop-ups.  The inflatable slides are perfect for dry and water parties. The jumbo slides are perfect for the all crowds.  The water slides are very popular in the warmer seasons to keep everyone cool.Slides and Obstacles can be set up indoors or outdoors providing the space is available. In order to be inflatable, one-three electrical outlets are required. Fiesta4Kids offer delivery services for additional fees. Inflatable Slides and Inflatable Obstacle Courses are popular at school events, street parties, corporate picnics and backyard parties.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

If you are looking for a WOW factor for your next event, then look no further than the Army Challenge. Race your friends through this military style obstacles, then up and down the climbing walls to the top of the slide and back through more obstacles to the finish. The Army Challenge is the ultimate Team Building activity and enjoyable for any type of school events.
Combine two exciting inflatable obstacle courses by joining them together to gave you the ultimate challenge with the EXtreme Fun & Warrior Jump Combo. This massive obstacle will be pure unforgettable fun for any event. Players will start with the EXtreme fun by racing each other thru and dodging obstacles and then making their way to the EXtreme Warrior Jump by jumping from platform to platform to the finish. This is the perfect for all ages.
The Radical Run Obstacle is the ultimate inflatable challenge for all ages. This 95-foot impressive obstacle is packed with climbing walls, crawl through obstacles and up and over slides that everyone will enjoy racing through. Perfect for larger events, such as school fun fairs, street parties, graduation parties, team building or any special occasion for great entertainment.
Race your competition by crawling through inflated tubes, over a small rock climb, diving through circles, squeezing through a horizontal & almost invisible opening, getting to your feet & quickly finding your balance, then squeeze through a vertical slit.
The EXtreme Warrior Jump is an exciting inflatable for everyone who wants a little extreme fun! You jump from platform to platform trying to keep your balance, so you don't fall. Each platform varies in height which makes it more challenging and fun. Each Platform can also be set to a different firmness based on the age of the participants by making it easier or harder to complete.   ***And if you really want to challenge your skills, add the EXtreme Fun which gives an additional 29'L x 16'W x 16'H feet attachment of pure fun. ***
The Extreme Fun will be the ultimate fun experience at any event or party. It is a dual lane obstacle course with bold bright colours that will attract attention. This obstacle course packs 60 feet of fun in a small foot print by having players enter and finish from the same side. Players will be trilled racing each other thru and dodging obstacles then making a turn back, then climbing up and down the slide to the finish.   ***And if you think the challenge isn’t tough enough already, this inflatable ride can attach to the EXtreme Jump to create one big and unforgettable experience. ***  
Challenge yourself to get across the entire Obstacle without falling off. This interactive Obstacle is equal parts fun, and challenging. Great for School Fun Fairs, Corporate Events, Street Festivals, Company Picnics, and Private Events.
train rides
Everybody loves an inflatable train, and Choo-Choo Train is no exception. This inflatable train is 45ft of interactive fun. Lots of detail inside, with pop-ups, and train control panels. Choo-Choo also has a bouncy floor for safe bouncing play. Kids will love climbing up and over the mountain slide while they explore this unique train. A must have for every train theme party.    
The Demolition Obstacle is certainly one of the most challenging courses you will come across. This course is almost 73 feet in length. It has two lanes with some of the best crawl through obstacles, squeeze tubes, with climbing walls and slides to race your friends. The Demolition Obstacle course is perfect for any event from school fun fairs, corporate events and team building.
The Jurassic Park Inflatable is the perfect inflatable obstacle to keep children entertained! Its beautiful design gives the feeling that you are really a part of Jurassic Park. Climb through the entrance and climb up the climber to see all the obstacle has to offer.
The thrill of a 22' drop from the top to the bottom, slide down at fun speeds and run with the current, Super fun and a sure show stopper for any event. Featuring a climbing wall to the top and water slide feature, impress you party guests, excellent for festivals, carnivals, large scale fun fairs, school fun fairs and outdoor festivities. 
Want to have a Mega Great Time- Try out the Mega Obstacle. This inflatable unit if perfect for competitive fun- see who will be able to speed their way through the tunnels, over climbing walls, and down the large slide first!  This unit is mega fun for all ages.  Test your mega abilities with the mega obstacle today!
  Arrr Mateys, the pirate ship will dock soon and the adventure will begin!  Get ready to cross paths with pirates while making your way through the obstacle course!
inflatable obstacles
The Circus Obstacle brings all of the action of a three-ring circus, sure to entertain attendees of all ages under the big top. Young ring masters and circus performers will be drawn to this inflatable play structure's endless combination of activities, including a large jump and plenty of squeeze throughs and pop ups!    .