4-man Equalizer

4-man Equalizer


Similar to the "TouchDown Equalizer" This interactive football inflatable, pits challengers against one another in a 4 person competition, using strength, competitors must run in opposite directions and cover as much distance as possible while pulling a bungee cord attached to one another's vest, competitors will run forward while springing their competitor backwards. A thrilling multiplayer inflatable challenge, twice as much fun, great for corporate functions, team building, friendly competition, exciting entertainment for parties, festivals and fun fairs. The 4-Man Equalizer will bring the spirit of competition of football and make your event a touchdown!

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Item Details:


Size:45'W x 45'L x 10'H

Power:15 Amp/110 V/2 Blowers

Setup: Indoor/Outdoor

Occupancy: 4 

Weight Capacity:1200 Lbs

Recommended  Aged: 12 years old and up


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